1.) I do not work for free, nor do I start work for free. I understand that paying the full amount up-front can be tough, (especially if you’re on a budget) but something has to be fronted as a show of good faith and I will work with you. I do not issue credit; I have no interest in being a collection agency. There are only a tiny (and I mean tiny) group of friends and bands that get free shit outta me and if you’re reading this you’re probably not one of them.

2.) I can not quote you a price for art if I do not know what’s involved. There is no set price for posters; it depends on how complicated the art in question will be. Before asking “How much?” at least have a vague idea of what you want.

3.) I don’t barter for art. In other words I wont take 20 copies of your demo cd in exchange for a gigposter. I know I could “sell them on Ebay”, but so can you.

4.) If there are certain things that absolutely have to be in the art (photos, logos etc.) You will need to provide them. I can pretty much work with any type of file, but keep in mind that what looks good on your monitor is not always good for print. A fully-sized 300+ dpi file is a good start.

5.) Don’t contact me 2 days before you need the art and expect to get it by then. Turn-around time varies by project difficulty and also by how many pieces of art in front of yours. Lately, I have been booked weeks (even months) in advance, so keep that in mind.

6.) Many people do not have any specific idea about what they want and do trust me to come up with something on my own which I will do happily, BUT if you choose to go this route, then you are at my mercy. Don’t tell me what you had in mind AFTER the art is done. (Some people pick a style they like from pieces of mine or from another source and that is cool, although I will not copy, or plagiarize another artist, so don’t ask)

7.) I will be happy to tweak info on the art if information changes, (i.e. bands drop out of show or are replaced etc.) , but let’s try to get ’em all on the first go round. ok?

8.) I will do everything within reason to make sure you are completely satisfied with your piece of art. I want everyone to go away happy, and if you follow the guidelines, I’ll produce for you something you’ll love.

9.) At times I can become so busy that I simply have to turn down new projects. If this happens try not to take it personally.

10.) My work is very affordable. One of the ways I can make it affordable is by offsetting the cost by selling copies of the piece on my website. If you do not want me to sell copies of the poster, then be aware THAT THE PRICE GOES WAAAAYY UP!


a. Contact me with as much info you have about what you want via the email link(s) above. I’ll give you a phone number, so we can speak about the project.

b. I quote you a price, or work out a payment deal.

c. Retainer is paid and your piece goes on my active schedule. (time varies)

d. I notify you when I’m about to start. You tell me if anything has changed from the original concept or we can throw ideas around until I feel I have a en excellent grasp of what you want. (This is when you provide any files I may need)

e. Art is completed.

f. You get a low-resolution jpeg of finished art. (We tweak if necessary)

g. You pay the rest of what is owed.

h. I give you a print-ready, high-resolution file.

i. You understand that I can and will show the art on any website of mine or in any artshow of my choosing. I may also sell copies of the art from my site or to other vendors depending on what price you chose to pay for the piece.

j. done deal.