Thanks to everyone that came out to make the 3rd Annual Sigma Brewing Co. Rock Poster Art Show a rousing success. We had great music, great food, great beer and great art. Thanks to Billy and Kyler for doing it again. Contest winners were: Megan, Alex & Angelina! Check your emails to see how to claim your prizes!

The sisters… Limited editions of 100 each. Sold individually or as a pair. Both are 18″ x 24″ giclee prints. Hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Buying these together will get you matching numbers. Buy at: and:

Texas Inc. Magazine: I was asked to produce cover art for “Texas Inc. Magazine”. The illustration was to support the main story regarding Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta. It was a lot of fun. Here is the finished piece.

Nightmares III: The Witching Hour Hey! Who doesn’t like a Helloweenie themed art show? Well, Saturday, October 19th at Hardy & Nance Studios, you could encounter exactly that. And I will have a piece entitled: “Sacerdotisa de la Serpiente” (pictured above) in that show. It will be for sale, and will be featured in a wicked-custom frame that’s a cool as the art itself… well, almost. The show goes from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Hardy & Nance Studios. So, swing on down and have a drink and check out some killer art from some of H-Town’s finest artsy-fartsies.

DE GOTHAM CITY A METROPOLIS I was thrilled to be invited by French Paper Art Club a few years ago to participate in the Batman Anniversary Print Series, which culminated in a beautiful coffee-table book. I’ve since decided to throw a few pieces in this post, to show some steps along the way to the finished piece, and a few close-ups of the metallic inks and the book itself. I had so much fun on this one! You can pick up one of these metallic-ink Seriagraphs at: FrenchPaperArtClub Concept sketch Detailed pencils Ink line Final print after DC Studio revisions

Here’s the poster I did for the Ameri-grass duo: “Amelia Earhart Returns”. They’ll be at the legendary Anderson Fair listening room. The posters are available at the show only, so you’ll have to head to the show to get one. (and meet the band while you’re at it.) Learn more at: